Aura Reading with Energy Clearing and Balancing

Aura Reading with Energy Clearing and Balancing

Your body expresses itself with an unseen “aura” of energy that provides a snapshot of your emotional and spiritual biofield. Using non-intrusive processes to read your aura, I can analyze your biofield and suggest paths to attain optimal emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

To understand the effectiveness of aura reading, you first need to understand that the body has a foundational intelligence that expresses itself with color.

This “aura” is simply the unseen energy field that surrounds all things both animate and inanimate. The different colors of your aura provide insight into your emotional and spiritual well-being. For example, even if you can’t see other people’s auras with your naked eye, think about how certain people give off a warm and friendly vibe—or negative vibe—even before they say a word.

An aura reading is accomplished primarily through two processes: Bio-Well® Energy Reading and Biopulsar® Reflexograph (I use one or the other).

Bio-Well® Energy Reading is based on the concept of acupuncture points. The non-intrusive test provides real time feedback on what factors affect your stress and energy state.

With Bio-Well® I have the ability to show you before and after chakra balances, analyze your biofield for disruptions of energy, and show you how your emotional, physical, and mental cycles can influence your decision-making so you can know more about yourself.

Biopulsar® Reflexograph uses highly receptive bio-medical sensors that simultaneously reads 43 organs. Within the first few minutes of your session, you will have an efficiency percentage of how well your chakras’ energies are running in a “real time” snapshot. This living biofield can reveal a lot about your body—including mental training, product and treatment testing, and before-and-after comparison pictures. Based on this information, I can then propose ideas and suggestions for health and alignment from the inside out. You will also receive an approximate 20-page document for analyzing what each color means in relation to each area. These combined procedures provide an intensive quantum vitality checkup.

Aura Reading with Energy Clearing and Balancing

Price: $175