About Alana

About Alana

A Personalized Plan for Financial Freedom,

Self-Love and Empowerment Through Energy Medicine and

Aligning Your Life’s Path.

People often ask me how I got into this line of work. Honestly, the reason I am here is I likely have made more mistakes than you. I have gone through addictions and divorces. I’ve made lots of money, and I’ve been broke.

Indeed, the story of my life has been like a high-speed rollercoaster—lots of highs followed by treacherous drops, amid screams of joy and cries of terror. My earliest memories reveal a happy child who loved to be outside with nature. I liked to talk to the birds, bees, snakes, and trees…and I still do! I enjoyed entertaining my friends and family with singing, dancing, and telling silly jokes. I was fascinated with nature’s beauty, I believed heavily in God, and I thought the whole world was absolutely wonderful.

But as I grew older, I realized I wasn’t getting the response I wanted from others. It was here that I started to turn inward. I became frustrated with those around me because they didn’t share the same view of the world I did. I felt they were constantly angry with me, so I grew angry with them. Looking back, I had no communication skills and no behavioral boundaries. I lacked certain life skills such as how to be confident and how to stand up for myself in a healthy way. I didn’t think for myself, instead always being told what to do and how to feel.

I first ran away from home when I was 8 years old, and again when I was 13. I became addicted to drugs and hitchhiked across Canada. I lived with a traveling carnival for a short time. I didn’t like myself and was not capable of healthy self-awareness.

Over the next few years, I rotated between going home and back out on the road. I never graduated high school. In my early twenties, I realized I needed to get my life in order—big time. But where does one begin? I still saw myself as a “victim” waiting for the next bad thing to happen. I had internalized other people’s anger and sadness and viewed myself as a bad person. When I made a mistake, I beat myself up. I felt that I did not belong anywhere. I wished I could be somewhere else … someone else, prettier and smarter. I wanted to change the person I had become—my name, my eye color, my hair color, my body … everything about me. I lived in darkness for many years and shielded my heart from others and even myself. It was easy to assume that I was suffering from low self-esteem, but what I finally realized is that the root of my problems came from a lack of self-love.

Fast forward a few years. I was in Alcoholics Anonymous when I became pregnant with my first daughter in 1990 and I returned to the program at age 24. I slowly began to make positive life changes when I went back to school as an adult student in my twenties to earn my high school diploma. Then a few years later, I gave birth to another beautiful daughter. I started a construction business that’s still going strong today.

But even with the challenges and rewards of being a mother and a woman business owner in a profession typically dominated by men, I was still looking for more. I always felt there was an essential part of my life missing. I started a daycare and a recovery house for people struggling with addictions. At the same time, I was a site superintendent in residential construction, I taught parenting classes, wrote articles for the newspaper, and I became a personal coach. Along the way, I continued to take classes, programs, and any course that could help me learn more about my inner self and advance me spiritually.

What It Means For You…

 From my experiences, and through the services I offer and the many modalities I’m trained in, I can instill in you the ability to rekindle love and confidence in yourself so that you can find the beauty, success, and happiness that you deserve. I want you to know it is okay to have made mistakes and to rekindle the love for yourself. It is okay to know you are amazing.

I believe in guiding people to their own evolution through Metaphysical teachings, Neuro-linguistic teachings, and personal well-being through spiritual, physical, emotional and mental disciplines. I use several tools including coaching, aura reading, tarot readings, past life regression sessions, energy balancing, meditation, courses, and workshops.

I have been privileged to work in Canada, the United States, and Mexico guiding thousands of people in finding their purpose, and personal expansion through self-discovery and self-love. There are several ways in which I like to guide people through their various challenges. Past Life Regression, Energy Balancing, and Tarot Readings are the modalities I like most when helping people, whether online or in person. Through these practices, I can help align the lessons you’ve learned while sifting through emotions that sometimes block your life’s path. With the removal of these emotional obstacles, we can focus on the most important issue at hand, which is living a more joyous and meaningful life.

When I realized what had transpired, I was astonished that 7 years of my life had gone by in a flash. I wrote the book’ “Wake Yourself Up” not wanting to slip into “sleep mode” again. With a newly enlightened perspective, I approached training like it was my medicine. I was determined to heal myself and my family. I also knew I had a higher purpose to help others and I wanted to learn about everything I could use to accomplish my new mission in life.

During this relentless pursuit of personal improvement, I learned that things happen for you, not to you. I learned it is more pain to hide your heart than it is to share your heart with others. I learned “dreaming” is actually a gift. I learned to accept myself as I am. I rediscovered happiness, joy, beauty, and gratitude. Through this work, I released shame, guilt, and a lot of other baggage that was weighing me down. I learned that the soul, ego, heart, and mind are all different parts that makeup who you are. When these parts of us are not aligned, we can feel confused.

Self-illumination allowed me to love myself, which I view as my biggest lesson. I found that we must first learn about ourselves in order to forgive ourselves. Once we forgive ourselves, we can then love ourselves. And once we love our true self, we are enabled to send the highest vibrations of love outward to the universe, thereby attracting back similar frequencies of love and completing the circle. And that, my friend, is what I want to pass along to you.

Thank you for visiting my website. It is truly my honor to have you here.

In love, light, and service of the heart,


Rev. Alana Leone, M. Msc.

I started a construction company that generated 10’s of millions in the 15 years I was with the company.

I have been trained in several quantum energy healing training programs over the last 15 years. These include Teaching Parenting Classes, Project Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Child Within, Psych-K, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Reiki Master in Usui Holy Fire, Hypnosis, Quantum Health Coach with Biofeedback, Coaching and Advanced Coaching, Masters in Metaphysical Science, QHHT Past Life Regression Certificate Level 2, Soul Speak Certificate, Full Initiator in Huna Ancient Hawaiian Teachings, Shamanism Ceremony Training, Empowerment Mastery Training, Meditation, Monroe Institute Training, Tarot Reading Certificate, Astrology and Soul Retrieval, Esoteric Studies with APEP, Lucid Dreaming, Tantric Yoga, Color Vibration and Chakra Energy Training, Crystal Light Therapy, Master Facilitation Certified, Speaker, and Stage Training, The Board of Angels Training, Advanced BioGeometry Training, DNA Clearing, and Activation Program Training, The Orb of Life Training, The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique, Shiva Murti Level 1 Certified.

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