Bio well Energy Reading And Stellarwaves 5 0 Crystal Light Therapy

Bio-Well® Energy Reading and StellarWaves® 5.0 Crystal Light Therapy

Bio-Well analyzes your body’s 7 chakras and provides an insight into energy levels and hormonal imbalances caused by different factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, and environment. StellarWaves® Crystal Light Therapy will then realign and balance the chakras needing attention. The combination of the two will help to develop a personalized plan of relaxation techniques and holistic living practices for optimum health.

In this session, we first do a deep dive into your chakras by means of a Bio-Well® Energy Reading. The Bio-Well® reading will show us your aura and chakras balance and denote areas that have been disrupted or are in need of alignment.

Based on that information, I will employ a StellarWaves® 5.0 Crystal Light Therapy process that clears your aura and biofield of stagnant energy by means of 7 extremely clear and highly polished quartz crystals suspended approximately 12 inches above each of your seven chakras. The quartz crystals have been cut to emit a specific frequency that will cleanse, balance, and align your energies in a healing and uplifting environment.

This session offers a perfect pairing of procedures for optimum well-being: The Bio-Well® reading will show me problematic areas in your aura and help me to develop a personalized plan of diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, and holistic living practices. The StellarWaves® therapy will rebalance and align your chakras by integrating sound, shamanic wisdom, and crystals to evolve life force energy for balancing and alignment to your entire system.

Bio-Well® Energy Reading

Price: $250