Talks by Alana Leone

The Love Evangelist”
Transformational Speaker
Alana’s Talks are Uplifting, Inspirational, and Getting to the Heart of the Matter

If you knew how to love first and join in love and not separate in emotion, would this help to create an aligned and more abundant life?

Imagine having the key to unlocking higher abundance and potential in everything you do.

Are you in a spiritual awakening or a transition in your life?

I am excited to share a couple of titles I talk about.The topics are,“Finding your Soul’s Purpose” and “Love on the Rise.”

I am excited to share more about what happens when you live from a love frequency. First thing that happens automatically ismore abundance comes to you naturally and authentically.

You are the creator and the weaver of this life, and you are either creating with purpose or creating subconsciously. It is important to create with purpose.

You can then have more self-love, create what you want in life, life on purpose, be who you were meant to be, who you were called to be.

When you raise your love vibration around you and the world you can create your infinite potential.

In my talks I share how this is possible, not only possible though probable.

With love all is possible.The universe is pure love energy and love energy is everything, moremoney, friendship,opportunity, all of this is love energy.When you cut off the flow of love energy due to limiting patterns, fears, separation, and baggage then you are not living in your full highest potential.

The reason I talk about this is I learned firsthand. I used to get stuck in lower energy, that is until I learned to observe and raise my energy frequency.



Talk 1 – Finding Your Soul’s Purpose – A Path to Illumination

  • I cover 3 keys to unlocking your heart to search for answers which will allow you to get closer to infinite source and potential to get your answers for your Soul’s Purpose so that you can live a more fulfilled life. Follow your heart and get your lower mind out of the way to journey into new realms of information.
  • DISCOVER & CLAIM your soul’s purpose NOW so that you can live in alignment with your highest truth and BE who you are called to BE and DO what you are called to do to HAVE what is yours. There are many treasures in this world for you. You only need to explore to uncover them.
  • INCREASE your confidence and clarity to go out and take action on your mission and to move forward on your divine path. Sometimes we end up on someone else’s path and to jump off is often scary and we are too comfortable to leave the old path. Learn techniques for you to see what is the sacred path for you.
  • ACTIVATE a curious, heart-centered, higher awareness and bridge the mind/heart connection to be able to align to the parts of you that are fragmented. To unlock higher abilities for synchronicities and miracles today.

Talk 2 – Love on the Rise – Being that Beacon of Light

I cover the 3 secrets to creating that opportunity to rise up to love first and fall in love with yourself, to activate your light and shine brightly so that you give others the opportunity to shine their light. This talk is all about universal love and how you have a tapestry that you can create whatever your heart desires. It is a passing of the baton enlightenment and empowerment to your family, community and world.

TAKE BACK your power to stand in your brilliance by really connecting to you and really understanding how you came to hide your heart from the pain of the world so that you can love again unconditionally. This was a huge pivotal moment in my life when I realized it was more painful to hide my heart than to show my heart and take in the learnings. The whole trick to this was I wasn’t even aware that this is what I was doing. To live more connected in love and experience joy.

MANIFEST AND TRANSFORM by aligning your higher self-connection and bringing back fragmented parts of you that have been separated over the traumas and experiences in this life.

LEARN TECHNIQUES of meditation and activation to connect and work with your angels, guides and the akashic records to hear the infinite universal wisdom of your past, present and future. Learning the truth that you are guided by a spiritual field and can reach higher realms.

To find out more about either opportunity call 928-554-5347.


Rev. Alana Leone B. Msc. is an energy medicine practitioner using the Bio-Well, Stellerwaves 5.0 and many modalities such as Reiki and other modalities to make Divine Love and Guidance a one stop shop for supporting the energy and well being of her clients. She has a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics and is studying for her PhD in Metaphysical Science.

Alana uses many techniques for meditation, stress release, trauma awareness and release, body and biofield mapping, chakra balancing and showing her clients how to make the best changes easily and effortlessly.

Alana wrote a book in 2015 called “Wake Yourself Up” and has written ebooks, chapters in other books and articles.

She travels the world as a speaker and loves to offer awareness in self-love and finding your soul’s purpose.

She teaches a 2-day “Soul’s Purpose Journey” to guide people to connect back to parts of themselves that may have been fragmented during this life and other lives, to integrate and align the soul, mind and body. The benefit is to create a life with unlimited potential and bliss living.

She also teaches a 4-day “Entrepreneurs in Reinvention” to guide people to the calling and path people have had to create a business in the energy space for those that are called to serve in this capacity. For those that want to master their past and learn how to truly love their lives and create the future that is on the path for their soul’s destiny.

Her passion is to help her clients create a life of unlimited possibility and love to live triumphantly in every expression!

Any questions do not hesitate to connect.

On her website are events that are online and in-person. She is writing a few online courses that will be available early next year.

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