Journey to Higher Self and Soul’s Purpose

My first thought about this journey is that it is a life-long awareness exercise to know thyself.

We all have a mind that takes in events with the perspective we hold from our programming. This programming comes from teachers, parents, extended family, siblings, television, friends, music and the list can go on and on. This programming starts in the womb at about 22 weeks when the ears develop and we can even be woken up from a loud noise in this comfy place. I have actually heard a story that a man had a challenge with making money and he had done so much work around this topic. What was interesting to learn later from some work was that he had heard his parents arguing and shouting about money and he in the womb made the decision, “If money causes problems like that, than I don’t want it!” This was from the womb. Very interesting when you start deep diving into this work!

Now with all of our programming and decisions we have made in our lives we then have stimuli coming into us through all the 6 senses and it has been documented to be about 2 million or more bits of stimuli coming to us every second and we only take in about 126 bits per second.

The best example I have heard was from a training I took from Dr. Tad and Adriana James, that says think of the bits of information as toothpicks. Someone will hand you 126 toothpicks every second and you can see yours able to grab 126 toothpicks every second right. Now imagine someone handing you 2 million toothpicks per second and you will start having a lot around you falling to the Earth. Out of that 2 million what 126 toothpicks or bits of information do you grab then?

You will grab what your mind is already programmed with, you will grab what is familiar. When you hear your sibling or parent tell a story about a past event, their story may be totally different than yours, why? They chose a different set of 126 toothpicks or bits of information per second. People will download what is familiar to them until they decide to change it.

This is one of the many reasons, I was captivated for this journey of my true self really at a young age.

There came a point in one of my trainings that I really understood, it is really all of my responsibility to change and grow or stay where I am now. The pain would have been too great to stay the same I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I was here on Earth to be more than I knew at the time. My choices were to keep the stories of the past or I could create my own new stories only by gaining a more expanded perspective and some rewiring of my mind with new programming. This was, for me, the true pint of my true self journey. To know that the story I was playing over and over in my mind was my illusion and perception of the events that had occurred in my life. To understand that the shame, guilt and self hatred is only self-inflicted pain that with the events that happened I made mean in my life.

Here is an example of what I mean. Take a person that tells two people that they are stupid. Person one says, “No, that is ludicrous”. They have no attachment to the statement and have given it no meaning and are never to think about that person again. Person one feels no emotion of guilt or shame it is let go of. Person two says, “Yes, they are right. I don’t know why I am like this I wish I wasn’t so stupid”. They have given the statement meaning and attached emotion of guilt, shame and self hatred to themselves and that statement that person said plays over and over in the mind of person two now for days, months or years until the person makes a change. It may sound funny to the person that says, “No”, however this type of thing happens all day, every day with different statements or events to different people all day long.

Ask yourself, “What meaning are you giving things and what story keeps playing in your mind?” I will give you a hint, when your mind keeps the record playing then you have made an attachment.

There are so many detours and wrong turns, right turns and successes on this journey and there are books and week-long seminars that are only the tip of the iceberg. The work begins when you dive under the water. To understand this all in one blog is not the agenda.

The agenda of this article is to bring awareness to others that consciousness is a journey to get to know and love yourself, to know thyself is a great gift.

To truly love who you are, to know each and every person is here for the same experience and we are all one. We, on Earth, are here to learn lessons and be our best self, our higher self for those with the courage. To be and live authentic with pure heart and if this is not happening it is only a lesson for you to learn about you.

My favorite 3 questions and the one’s at the top of my life tool box are:

  • “What meaning am I going to give this experience?”
  • What am I unconscious about right now with this experience?”
  • What is the learning and the gift of this experience?”

I want to point out that I am not saying all situations are gifts in the moment. There is a time to process and say, “This sucks!” then after some time go to the questions above. I am asking you to not take years though, to get to the questions, there is a time to allow anger and sadness  and get the emotion out of the body and the field, then there is a time to let it go and get the learning.

This is a life-long journey that has dips and valleys, and peaks and mountains. See them all as parts to becoming the best you, you can be in this lifetime. Know that you have had all of the events happen for you so you can be exactly who you are now and that is a powerful creator.

We are here to see with new eyes and see ourselves and the people we connect with as souls of complete light and love.