3-Tips for Coming Back to Your Beautiful Heart

Are You Disconnected From Your Heart?

What would a disconnected heart feel like? What does a heart wall feel like?

How would I know to ask you these questions?

Let me tell you a secret…come in a little closer…I was disconnected from my heart and had a heart wall sealed and locked for years, until I was in my 40’s and even late 40’s. The thing is that I didn’t even know I was disconnected from my beautiful heart. I just thought I wasn’t good enough and I was broken.

The great news about this is that once I learned this information my whole life changed.

I experienced more self love, self trust and a connection to all parts of me, including my heart, soul and higher self, along with a lot of other things.

When people come to me and say they are stuck in life and are not moving forward with their purpose. The first thing I let people is to find ways to love themselves even more. You can do practices in heart connection and also in connecting to the universal intelligence which is guides, angels, ascended masters and universe.

Get into a space where you can start to see your power and beauty. Watch what your mind is telling you and ask if that is 100% the truth. If not, what is the truth? The truth is you are a spiritual being here on Earth in a physical body. You are not only physical! There is so much more than only this physical plane of existence.

This is where I get excited!

Here are 3 tips this month for living in your heart.

  1. Dropping into your heart whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, grief or lost. Also if you question your self worth, just out of a relationship, having trouble finding work, addictions or depressed. These are lower frequencies. Our heart is true unconditional love and that is what the truth of the heart is. Our heart is a higher frequency. Now our mind is a different story and basically our mind is a recorder of all of our past hurts, beliefs that got handed down and too many things to discuss here. I do talk a lot about the mind in other pieces. The purpose to tip 1 is to drop into your heart and think of 3 thinks you are grateful for. Sit in that love for 5 minutes at first and then radiate out love. This can change the neurology of your cell structure. Gratitude is this powerful. Isn’t that amazing!
  2. Self awareness is tip 2. Watching what we say to ourselves is a big piece and I find a lot of people get into a negativity loop when we keep piling hurtful words onto ourselves. My suggestion is to get a journal and for one hour write down some of the things you say to yourself. It is the small voice in your head that is not helping you get to your highest potential. Awareness will help you catch this small voice and be able to change what is being said. Write down these things and right away switch them to the positive. Ex. “I am not good enough”, say “I am powerful beyond measure.”
  3. Appreciating yourself is tip 3. Catch yourself being amazing. How many times in the day are you doing amazing things and for most people they don’t notice? Appreciate yourself for moving forward. When you read this newsletter. Appreciate yourself. When you do something outside of your comfort zone. Appreciate yourself.

You are powerful and amazing! You are infinite potential!

When we are able to dismantle the bricks, mud and sticks from the pain we have had in the past that is covering the heart of unconditional love. Then we can love ourselves more and this truth then radiates out to others in your family, to your community and even the world. Then you are a master creator and can manifest your every desire from your heart and not your ego. Way to go! I appreciate you!

For more on heart awakening and other forms of self love and taking your place as a light beacon for others to shine their light. Contact me on the website!

I look forward to connecting.