Is Your Soul Awakening to a New Consciousness

The Oxford dictionary’s definition of consciousness is “The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.

This is a fine definition when referring to our active minds, but what if we take consciousness to a deeper level? What if we liken it to our soul’s awakening? Can one’s soul awaken into a new consciousness?

Consider the following questions …

Do you feel you are awakening on a deeper level and wanting to change the way you live?

Do you find a shift in your interests which has affected your interactions with others?

Do you find yourself at a crossroads and feeling confused?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it is quite likely you are indeed experiencing your soul’s awakening. And that’s a good thing!

In my case, there have been numerous life experiences that brought me to this realization—some were positive, others, not so much. But the one thing they all had in common was that they were all beneficial to me even though I couldn’t explain them, and I really had no one close enough to me to seek advice. And even if I did have someone that close, what would I have asked? “Do you feel your guides talking to you?” Or, “Do you sense a deeper knowing of events around you?”

They might have thought I was crazy. But I knew I was onto something special when I did a meditation and felt my body vibrating at a higher frequency. And once I came out of the meditation, I was completely changed in a beautiful and profound way.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same challenges and emotions. Do you feel there are things spiritually happening to you and you have no one to talk to about them? Do you sense a calling to a different path in life than the one you have been living?

It was these same feelings and realizations within myself that compelled me to write this article. I felt that I was changing quickly, yet my logical mind wasn’t keeping up to the thought processes and behavioral shifts that were occurring. And still, I had many questions, little or no answers, and no one I could turn to.

As these processes and shifts became more dominant, I found I wanted to live differently: Forgo watching television, work on my inner self, learn from the transformative changes I was experiencing, carefully choose foods that would better nourish my body and soul, be open to love on all levels, focus my conversations on only positive and uplifting topics, and generally experience things in a more spiritual light.

I suppose in its most basic terms, I simply wanted more out of my life connection than just the same social patterns I had been experiencing for years. I wanted peace, and a heart-filled connection.

Ways and Means to Awaken Your Soul

There are many different ways to facilitate your soul’s awakening. In my own journey, I have taken many classes and have become proficient in many modalities that have greatly increased my own understanding of the soul’s transformative power. And I now know my purpose—or my soul’s purpose if you will—which is to guide others up and through their own soul’s journey.

Some of the many ways I’m trained in to accomplish this include…

Soul Astrology Reading—A revelation of your soul’s purpose that gives you the ability to work through challenges, what your gifts and abilities are, and the transcendental reason for your being here. One 1-hour reading will show you your soul’s purpose.

Reiki Therapy—A treatment based on the belief that the life energy that flows through our bodies can be guided to promote balance and healing.

Angels & Guides Awareness—Petitioning celestial beings of the highest levels of truth and compassion to work on our behalf and guide us on a life of pure love.

Raising Life Force Energy—Increasing the energy of your present life force through uncovering details of your former lives as well as your soul’s ultimate purpose and spiritual connection with your higher self.

Kundalini Yoga—A system of meditation designed to release pent-up energy and create a specific outcome. A Kundalini yoga class typically includes chanting and singing, and features asana (the physical poses), and pranayama (breathing techniques).

Tantra Transformation Awareness —To go beyond the compulsiveness of the body and mind in order to avoid being trapped by our limitations. It is about learning to use the body, not as oneself, but as a stepping-stone to deliver this being to the highest possible dimension.

These represent just a sampling of the services I offer and the many modalities in which I’m trained. Other offerings include Energy Balancing, Tarot Card Readings, Aura Readings and Alignment, and more.

Although each of them utilizes different ways and means, they are all designed to re-establish self-love, help you find the path to your soul’s true purpose, create oneness through a divine awakening of heart and soul, realign and energize your chakras, and find your true path of peace and love on this planet Earth that we call home…or as famed American astronomer, Carl Sagan, once called it in his infamous Pale Blue Dot speech…”a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”

How I can be a guide on your journey?

My practice is dedicated and simple, really. Is attaining the desired results easy? No. It requires adjustment to a different way to live. This takes time and the shift is a gradual experience for many. But when the “awakening” takes place, my clients extoll having received more self-love, self-trust, and self-awareness than they’ve ever experienced. They also find their soul’s purpose, which quiets the mind and fuels it with positive action steps to take in its move towards pure love and awareness.

Bottom line: All things and all experiences placed in our path are for learning.

My purpose in this incarnation is to guide others that are seeking to find their purpose. And, hopefully, in the journey they find a deeper love for themselves.

Remember, we are creators of our lives. We do this consciously when we are awake and subconsciously at all hours of the day and night. Either way we are constantly creating our path. This creation brings us to a deeper realization of what love for one’s soul really means, and awareness to what is happening in our lives.

Soon after the start of their journey, my clients are able to look at the events in their life with a different perspective. They start to see their world in simpler terms as it unfolds the lessons to be learned from life events. They realize that the world is happening for them and not to them. This embodies the role of creator of one’s life and defines obstacles that hinder us vs. events that happen for our pleasure.

Let’s look at a couple of examples…

1) Mind creates an obstacle and Source grants the creation. The obstacle causes emotional pain. The pain permeates our being and either leads back to source or we own it, in which case it often moves to the physical body until we learn the lesson from it. Lesson: Avoid creating obstacles!


2) Mind creates pleasure based in love and/or gratitude. Source grants the creation. The body experiences pleasure and joy in the form of positive energy. You manifest more love and pleasure and then repeat. Lesson: Create pleasurable experiences!

Either way it is your creation and there for you to benefit and learn from.

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With Much Love,

Alana Leone